Fiero Projects

Purpose and Reason for the Front Battery

    1) Functionality

Of course the main reason for this is the relocation of weight from the rear of the car to the front. This will give better handling. By moving the 20 lbs of battery from the rear to the front, I get closer to the magical number of 50/50 weight distribution.

    2) Looks cool

When i open the trunk up and there is no battery I am sure people, fiero people, will say "hey, wheres the battery?" This is good reason to do something. recognition it always nice...I have always been a showoff.

What I did and am doing

I bought the tray from v8archie. I am not very satisfied with the tray so far. There are fitment problems with the tray. As you can see to the right the battery doesn't fit down flush with the lip of the tray there is about 3/4" to 1" gap where the battery is hitting the center of the spare tire. I think this will be ok, since I can put in spacers or get a thinner battery. There is also no battery hold down, so I will have to add a strap and clasp. Overall I think that the tray was just barely worth the money I spent on it ($45.00).

The Battery is now in the front of the car and working great. I went to several stero shops and each wanted over $50 for enough cable to run power to the back of the car. I then went to Eagle Hardware, where I spend a lot of time and money, and got a bunch of 6 gauge cable, flexible aluminum conduit, and some conduit end fittings. I run four lengths of the cable throught the conduit the routed the conduit from the tray in the front to the old location of the battery in the rear of the car. I put replacement battery connectors on each end of the new wires and bolted the old battery connectors to the new connectors in the back. I connected the battery to the cables up front and started the car.

I need to put a fuse up front to protect the car incase of grounding the positive wire and fire. Can't have another fiero burn know they were prone to catch on fire...yeah all 400 in 84 who burn up because of abuse and neglect and .... rant rant rant


move 20 lb battery from rear right to front center of car.


$45.00 The tray ( from v8archie )
$30.00 in cables ( double 6 gauge and flexible conduit )
$3.00 4 replacement battery connects