Fiero Projects
Step-By-Step 2.8 to 3.4

Purpose and Reason for the 3.4 pushrod

Well I could tell you there were several reasons for the 3.4 conversion...but you know the truth. The is one word POWER

    1) POWER

This conversion should give the car about 180 hp and 190 ftlb fo torque. These are rought numbers and I will put up the final numbers when I get dyno time after the conversion. These numbers should reflect only the change of the 2.8 to the 3.4. No other modifications at this time. I will be doing more mods to the engine later.

I have the following performance goals for this car and engine combo...
... 0-60 in < 5.0 secs
... 1/4 mile in < 12.0 secs
... better than 20 mpg avg ( with my driving, not baby driving )
... outrun 90% of the things on the road
... feel fast

    2) Looks cool

Nope It looks the same as the 2.8 when installed. There is no difference in the external appearance of the two engines. They are both from the gm-60 deg v6 family of engines. This is the series of engine in every thing gm from grocery getter to S-10 to Camaro.

What I did and am doing and will do

The 3.4 is now in and I am driving and enjoying the car a lot. I currently get 0-60 in just over 7.5 seconds with a polite launch. This is nowhere near my goal. but I have a lot of tunning that I need to do to the car. The next thing I need to change is the exaust system. I put the current exaust on in college when I could not afford much, so it is a cheap thing with a really bad crimp job on the pipes. The pipe goes down to a dime size opening just before the muffler. This will be replaced with the Borla exaust soon. That should help a lot.

After the Exaust will be a new cam and rolloer rockers than a turbo.

This is the series of engine in every thing gm from grocery getter to S-10 to Camaro. So performance parts abound. I'll over time be installing a passel of these parts as time goes on. After each change I hope to put the car on a dyno or other performance measure for the benifit of knowing how much good it did. The following things will be coming soon...
forced induction ( if needed to reach goals )
with the final goal of 300hp.