Fiero Projects

Why are there no GT matchbox cars?

I was looking around and all the matchbox cars I could find were notchbacks. I could not find one matchbox size Fiero Fastback. I did find that larger fastback. What I wanted was a matchbox size 86.5 GT fastback, black on gray, just like my car.

The following place sells kits for 1/43 scale fieros of several makes (including fastback) I have not bought one yet so I can't say anything about the quality, but they look really nice. The fieros are models number 246, 247, 248, and 233
PS: Don't miss the fiero (233) named "Firo"

    1) Cool Looks

How does one go about making a Fastback matchbox car. Well just like Ponitac you take a notchback and dismantel it, then add the new back on to it. Then one needs to add the side skirts and front air dam. WalaH, you will have the fast back.

I took a 75 84 yellow notch back and with JB weld I am forming a fastback body on to it, and adding the lower aero molding.

Obviously the one below in the box is what I started with. The other pictures are what the car currently looks like. I need more shaping on the rear deck. After that I need to add the recessed lights and hood vent like on my car.