Fiero Projects

Purpose and Reason for the Hitch

    1) Functionality

I need to pull a trailer, what better way than with my favorite car, my fiero. One the the main trailers I plan to pull is my Fiero GT trailer. For those less adventurous Held motorsports sells a bolt on trailer hitch.

What I did and am doing

I took off the rear bumper cover and and the rear bumper structure. I then welded hitch reciever tube to the bumper structure and bolted it back on the car. I cut a hole in the bumper cover to access the hitch. To hide it I then made the licence plate holder below to cover the hitch.

Some uses of the hitch...


$10.00 metal tube
$19.00 receiver and 1 7/8" ball
$0.00 scrape metal to make plate holder