Fiero Projects

Finished Pics

Check out the finished hood and light pics on the GT-40 style hood page.

Purpose and Reason for the lights

I started this project because like a lot of other people out there the cars lights were both stuck in the up position with broken gears and week motors. Since I don't like popup lights I thought that one day I would replace them with non-popup lights. Well one day the right light burn out and I took this as the perfect time to start the recessed light project. So I mocked up the lights in cardboard. Then bought some lights and build temporary mounts from wood.

    1) Functionality

These lights must put as much light on the road as the original lights but more is always better, and since I now live in Utah they must pass state inspection. ( oh no )

    2) Looks cool

I like recessed lights much better than popup lights.

What I did and am doing

I started out with driving lights on each side, three per side. They had great light output. I wired the lights so that one came on with the parking lights and two were one with the normal lights, and all three were on as high beams. This was wicked to see coming down the street with all three on.

Now that they need to be DOT approved to pas inspection i am thinking about going to '97 Camaro lights. I might try to find a inspection shop they will pass the driving lights. Its all on hold until the engine gets put in.

The engine is in and it is running great. I passed the safety inspection by putting the stock lights back on the car. Now that I have passed the safety portion of the test I have now finished the recessed lights. I used VisionMotorSports vx-2 lights for the center and third light per side. It is an SAE approved (not DOT) light. VMS made a manufacturing error and made a whole run of lights with clear lenses. They are not advirtised or marketed but if you get a distributor to call they can get them at about 1/2 price. I got mine for $90.00.

Detailed build pictures are at the bottom this page


two different senarios
1) three driving lights per side, all three are 55 watt lights.
2) small round lights have a spot pattern
3) rectangular lights have a flat wide (close to DOT pattern)
4) 18 and 22 gage metal makes up to basket.


2 pairs of driving lights $30.00 a set (roadboy) little round ones
1 pair of SAE approved lights $90.00 a set (Vision MotorSports) VX-2
sheet metal $30.00 a bunch of it

total cost $180.00 for one of a kind custom recessed lights.

check out some of these in process pics.

The blue is just the protective covering, they will be clear.

This is a the final installed pic. All three lights. I love it when a plan comes together.

This is a modified pic of what it could look like with three round lights per side.

Detailed build pictures

These picture are from the lights after they have been on my car (daily driven) for almost 2 years.