Fiero Projects

Purpose and Reason for the Rear Anti-sway bar

    1) Functionality

Of course the main reason for this is to eliminate the understeer of the car.

What I did and am doing

I bought the front swaybar off an 84 fiero from a local junk yard for $40.00. All the front bars 84-87 are the same size, so any early year will do. I then bought a Addco poly bushing kit. I have also been told a 6000 pontiac front bar is perfectly size for the rear.

I was told over and over don't use the same size bar on the front and rear. It will introduce very serious oversteer. Well if it does, I will increase the size of the front bar. I might just add a second front bar.

I was told over and over mount it backwards. Point the ends of the bar toward the front of the car. I put it up to the cradle and could not get it to fit. It kept looking like the holes for the cradle mounts would interfere with the parking brake cable. Even thought the parking brake doesn't work due to the GA brake conversion I did not want to remove the cable incase I have to add a parking brake to get past state inspections. Also by mounting it with the ends pointing to the back there is no interference with the exaust system.

So I turned it around and mounted it and with the ends of the bar facing rearward. I had to modify the mounts to streach over the front mounts for the rear A-arms. I bent them so the holes were 3/8 inch further apart. I then just drilled the holes and bolted it up.

It took a total of 2 hours including a trip to the hardware store to buy the needed bolts. All bolts were grade 8.
2 - 4.5 inch long 3/8 inch bolts
2 - self locking 3/8 nuts
6 - 3/8 washers
4 - 3/4 inch long 5/16 inch bolts
4 - self locking 5/16 nuts


Well the bar is on the car and I have taken a short test drive. OH MY HECK, it makes a hugh difference. The car doesn't push at all in a corner. I need to drive it some more and run a couple autocrosses to be sure. I LOVE IT. It did introduce some small amount of oversteer. Going aroung a corner under power just corners harder, no push.


add a rear anti-sway bar to remove understeer and corner faster.


$40.00 junk yard
$6.90 for poly bushing kit
$12.50 in bolts