Fiero Projects

Purpose and Reason custom tranny mounts

    1) Functionality

I broke the second set of stock transmission mounts in my car and decided I needed something stronger.

The Plan

I had seen pictures of the mounts made by Chris West. He wanted $65 per mount. I thought I can make them for a lot less than that. I called up a local plastic shop and got prices on delron, poly, and other plastic rods. The most expensive was $15 for a 1 foot long 2 inch diameter delron rod. I got a 1.5 inch rod at $6 a foot.

I took the cradle out the car and took the broken stock mounts out. I took the rubber off of the old mounts and used the metal bottom part from each mount to make the new mounts. I welded up an exaust bushing to form a tube that press fit delron. I welded extra support on the sides of the tube. I drilled a hole in the center of the delron. I bent up the top peice see pics below. I put a metal sleeve from the front upper A-arm bushing in the delron. I then bolted it all together to form the mounts you see below.

I put them in the car and WOW the engine does not move at all.

After driving the car for 1 month I removed these. They are way to stiff. The car drove like a Harley. At 900 rpm, idle, the whole car would shake about 1/16 to 1/8 inch. It was very hard to drive on the street.

I re-designed the mounts look like picture on right. I was unable to get pictures of the bracket because it is in the car and hidden by other parts of the car. I did draw up how I chagned the bracket. In the attached picture you can see that I reused the stock metal parts from the bracket and the stock rubber pad. I cut off the stud that is on top of the rubber pad. I then drilled a hole thought the rubber and metal. I put and endlink bolt and endlink poly bushings in the hole adn inplace of the stub to hold the bracket on the tranny to the tranny mount. If you have any question just ask.


$6.00 one foot of delron rod
$3.00 exaust bushings
total $9.00 and some of my time.

Redesign Costs

$10.00 end link kit (only used part of the kit)