Fiero Projects
Check out the Final Plan for my brakes for 2 inch bigger brakes from a Wilwood.

Purpose and Reason for the Brakes

    1) Functionality

The main reason to modify a car is to accomplish some goal. I have one functional goal with this mod, stop faster more often. This is a well proven mod that many others have done and documented. Randy Agee's site is the most complete documentation needed to do the job. Now that i have moved to Utah, a state with inspections, I need and E-brake. maybe...I need to check the regulations a little more but I am pretty sure that I need an e-brake to pass. If so I three options.

1) go back to the original rear calipers...No way!
2) find another rear caliper to fit the grand am rotors.
3) get a e-stop only caliper like the 12' ryane motorsports conversion.
4) swap in an 88 cradle and use the 88 e-brake setup.

What to do?? What to do?? well we'll see later as the 3.4 comes first.

    2) Looks cool

I always thought colored brake calipers looked cool, and the best color for brake red, Bright red. As you can see to the right, red is good. This is my car with the brakes after about 4000 miles of hard driving, in which time I spun one of the crank bearings and am replacing the engine with a 3.4 pushrod.

    3) Something to do

I am always picking up more fiero projects to work on....

    4) Specs

1991 Beretta Front Brakes front and rear. with PerformanceFriction carbon metallic brake pads. I love the pads They stop GREAT.

    5) Long term comments

I have been very happy with the brakes since the day I put them on. Any 84-87 fiero I own will get this or a bigger brake upgrade as the first order of buisness. Now the bad newsBut the pedal travel is to far. The padel travel is about 2.25 inches. The front wall that the brake booster is mounted to moves about a half inch when the pedal is pressed hard. This is something that MUST be fixed.

I have now added Steel braided brake lines. I bought them from the Fiero Store. It took about 1.5 hours to put the lines on and it took my wife and I 25 minutes to bleed the brakes. Atfer the first drive the pedal is much firmer. The old lines were so shot that any new lines would be an improvement. I am happy with them so far.


$0.0 pads ( connections )
$271.00 parts ( all bendix )
$271.00 total
$89.95+Shipping braided stell brake lines