Fiero Projects

Corner Weights

I just did a quick check of the my corner weights on my fiero ( Feb. 22, 2002 )...
These are with me in the car and 1/2 tank of gas. I weight 144 lbs.

front left 634 lbs
front right 610 lbs
rear left 878 lbs
rear right 632 lbs

total car weight = 2754 lbs
without me the car weights 2610 lbs ( all calculations done with me in car )

I have coilovers in the rear with 300#/in springs ( I need to adjust ) and currently have stock front with lowering springs. I am building weight jacks to adjust the front and put on different (400#/in) rate springs.

Inspection weights

I just had inspection done and they weighted the corners of the car. There was just over 1/2 tank of gas. The inspection guy looked like he weighted ~220. (I did not ask he looked a little heavy).
front left 685 lbs
front right 547 lbs
rear left 827 lbs
rear right 787 lbs

total car weight = 2846 lbs (with inspection guy in car)
without driver, I guess, their scale says the car weighted ~2626 lbs