Fiero Projects

Purpose and Reason for the Front Battery

    1) Functionality

Of course the main reason for this is balance the car and go faster around corners. This can be done by getting better weight distribution. I have corner weighted the car and the numbers show I need to better balance the car. From driving the car I think I need stiffer front springs. In order to put them on I will be using 2.5" ID coilover springs.

    2) Looks cool

When I open the hood up and see the tops of the 1 1/8" bolts sticking up will be cool. Seeing the 2.5" ID coilover springs sitting behind the wheel will be cool.

What I did and am doing

I bought the parts from Afco Racing. They have arrived. They will currently setup to use 5.5 inch OD springs. These are the same size as the stock springs I have on the front of my fiero. I will use the existing springs for the first revision of the weight jacking system. If it works well I might stay with that size spring and just change the rate, rather than going to the 2.5 inch ID spring.

Other Fieros with Weight Jacking

Here are some pics of other fieros with weight jacks installed.


Add weight jacking bolts and stiffer springs to the front of my car. This will allow better adjustment of the suspension.


$36.95 x2 weight jacking parts ( from AfcoRacing )
$10.00 metal plate to make mounts from
~$60.00 x2 for springs
total not yet known I am not yet done....